What is hydrography?

Hydrography is the technology used to cover three-dimensional surfaces with a special film. Water prints can be applied to almost any surface (eg plastic, fiberglass, wood, ceramics and metal). In general, water printing is possible on all surfaces that are exposed to water. This option allows you to use your imagination and print any pattern on the desired surface. Thanks to such technology, we can use a unique approach to finishing details, giving a favorable outstanding look. The finished water print is resistant to extreme temperatures (-45 C to +150 C), withstands pressure washing, long-term exposure to UV rays and vibration.

How does water printing work?

During the process, the surface to be printed is pre-treated (incl. Also primed and sanded). The film covering the object is placed in a large container on the surface of the water. After dosing the activator, the article is immersed in water and the ink layer on the water surface covers the surface of the article evenly. The result is the desired pattern or image applied in a very thin layer to a surface selected by the customer. A glossy or matt lacquer is usually used for the final finish to ensure the UV and abrasion resistance of the part.




Let us transform your item in an unforgettable way!


Hydrographic Design helps you make your furniture industry unique! Have you ever seen a completely high-gloss marble kitchen? Hardly! It's possible with us!


Any product sells better when the design is different and unusual at their own brand. Create a new product line and rise in sales numbers!


Everything old can be turned new with Hydrographic design! Shine your old vases and make them cooler with unique patterns. It will definitely bring new life to them!


Make your hobby vehicle or everyday mover special and exciting! With hydrography, you can add any special pattern and the result would be great!


Hydrographic coating

We perform water-based coating works according to the customer’s wishes. All details have different shapes and when covering them with a water print, each part must be approached individually, so it is difficult to determine the price that applies to all parts. Below are explanations of price formation and some price examples.

Price formation

The price of the service work consists of three different stages and may vary according to the complexity and size of the part.

  • Preliminary work, ie preparation of the surface for coating with a water print. Price according to the size of the part and the damage.
  • Watercolor coating. Price according to the size and complexity of the part.
  • Finishing or varnishing of a part. Price according to the size and complexity of the part.

Our done works

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